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Holly Mingo’s works are explorations and expressions of the mind and her experiences surrounding PTSD. Created from an autonomous, meditation-like process of drawing to music, Mingo's work is key in processing her thoughts and feelings. Mingo allows the power of the individual mind to guide her one of a kind works into complex, contemplative abstractions that she describes as ‘mindscapes’ - visual landscapes of the inner mind.

Rooted in Abstract Expressionism, Mingo’s art has evolved into a distinctive visual language of emotions and the internalised mind. An importance within Mingo’s practice is her unplanned, autonomous process accompanied by music. This has allowed her to cultivate an innovative style that has been diversely communicated since she started her practice in 2019. 

Using form, colour, and composition, Mingo commonly implements the concept of duality in her works, demonstrating the interplay of opposites and the delicate balance between contrasting forces, illustrating the dynamic and interconnected nature of existence. Art holds huge precedence in Mingo’s life and philosophy, giving her deeper meaning and understanding. 


Music serves as a guiding force for Mingo's creative process, influencing her work in multiple ways. Music provides a channel for accessing emotions as well as its rhythmic quality facilitating a free-flow practice that fuels her process. Mingo experiences sound-to-colour and form synesthesia, translating auditory stimuli into rich visual imagery in her mind's eye. This synesthetic experience integrated with music, contributes to the overall fluidity of her creative expression. 


The study of architecture is a great influence of Mingo’s work. She is fascinated by the design and fabrication of architecture and its impact throughout history. This also relates to her perception of her works being ‘mind-scapes’ with representational architectural forms that build elements of these abstract environments. 


In the past four years Mingo has undertaken a variety of professional commissions including an artwork that was featured in Central Cee’s ‘One Up’ music video following her mural for Rebel Studios in 2020. Mingo has transferred her unique work into a variety of spaces. From clothing to  live drawing performances, Mingo’s swift succession into the commercial realm has shown conscientious exploration and developed her practice from an independent and personal perspective, building upon her art through experience and learning.

“My art is my identity in its purest form. It reflects the busy and energetic mind in a way that can only be processed by the individual due to the lack of objectivity. I feel it offers an insight to the limitless possibility of the mind and creation. “

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