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H Mingo is a self taught, multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Bristol, UK specialising in abstract expressionism. Holly focuses on the process rather than the outcome, using music and a meditative approach to create otherworldly works with no planning.


H Mingo’s work is created only with permanent mediums as she insists there are no mistakes when creating. Holly’s main inspiration is nature, experience, and freedom; she sees her work to be a visual metaphor for life and the mind in ways. A main aid for her process is music, using it as a rhythmic auditory stimulus to allow a ‘free-flow’ like state to create. 


In the three years that she has been drawing, Holly has carved a bold contemporary phenomena. She has performed live drawing to music at events and exhibitions, curated a solo art installation, and exhibited artwork in both Bristol and London. She is now practising full time as an artist and designer looking to share and expand her artwork further.


“My art is my identity in its purest form. It reflects the busy and energetic mind in a way that can only be processed by the individual due to the lack of objectivity. I feel it offers an insight to the limitless possibility of the mind and creation. “


Person in front of artwork art work abstract wall mural music studio
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