Holly Mingo is a 23 year old Abstract Artist and Designer. Though she has only been practicing her current style for two and a half years, she has always been a keen creative innovator. Inspired by nature, music and the mind, her eclectic and energetic style can only be described as: ‘art that you’ve never seen before’. 


Holly grew up in a coastal town in Devon, UK and went on to study Interior and Spatial Design at university in Bristol where she graduated in 2021. It was during her time at university that her art practice flourished, with just after 6 months of starting she had debuted her first live visual art set design for Canape Records in Bristol. Since then, Holly has continued to carve a bold, contemporary phenomena that aims to inspire a new perspective towards art and creativity.


The main focus of Holly’s work is not the outcome but the process. Allowing a conscious, meditative approach to her work creates a unique, free-flowing abstraction with no objectivity or overt subject. Leaving room only for the observer’s personal observation and experience. She prides herself in creating things that simply ‘dont exist’ as it strips the work of judgmental totalities. The artwork is designed to go beyond objectivity and to invite an conscious, atmospheric, and subjective understanding to the art and life itself. 


Insisting all works are unplanned and personal to herself, the forms and intricacies represent the internalised mind and are a symbolic representation of such. Leaving the complex and seemingly chaotic process of line making down to a description by Holly as a ‘form of nature’s code’. 


Music is a key aid to her process, listening to music that personally inspires her invites a rhythmic quality that enhances her spontaneous free-flow process. The combination of a ‘free-style’ process and music has curated projects such as ‘Duality Sessions’ , the concept of art and music becoming dual. By demonstration, Holly is able to create a visual representation of the music that she hears in a synesthetic technique, by choosing colour and form in response  to the music heard.  


Holly hopes to inspire anyone who wants to create art to do so, she encourages people to use the same process as she does, without thought or judgement. She believes that it is not what is seen to be ‘good’ that can be art but the fact of individual expression and creation. Her passion is the exploration of self and expression of the mind through her works to which she brings her unique style into a range of mediums from acrylic to bleach.