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Over the past five years Holly Mingo has been carving an authentic, unique art style that is centred on expression, identity, and freedom. To her, art is a profound exploration of life, a personal visual philosophy and an universal language via abstraction. Mingo’s intuitive and energetic works reflect the inner workings and complexities of the mind and the human experience. 


Mingo’s artworks are an exploration and introspection, allowing her mind to create with no thought, plan or judgement. Listening to music provides a rhythmic aid that inspires emotion and guides her intuitive process which is something she has incorporated into a live drawing concept that she continues to showcase to live audiences.


Additionally, Holly experiences sound-to-colour and form synaesthesia that informs her pieces, addressing a colour to sound and drawing reactively to the different sounds and elements of a piece of music. Ultimately creating visualisations of music through innovative and traditional techniques and intuitive processing.


The study of architecture is a great influence of Mingo’s work. She is fascinated by the design and fabrication of architecture and its impact throughout history. This also relates to her perception of her works being ‘mind-scapes’ with representational architectural forms that contribute elements of these abstract environments and distinctive world building. 


In the past five years Mingo has undertaken a variety of professional commissions including an artwork that was featured in Central Cee’s ‘One Up’ music video following her mural for Rebel Studios in 2020. Mingo has transferred her unique work into a variety of spaces. From clothing shown at New York fashion week 2024 to live drawing performances, Mingo’s swift succession into the commercial realm has shown conscientious exploration and developed her practice from an independent and personal perspective, building upon her art through experience and learning.

“My art is my identity in its purest form. It reflects the busy and energetic mind in a way that can only be processed by the individual due to the lack of objectivity. I feel it offers an insight to the limitless possibility of the mind and creation. “

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