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H Mingo Art blog #1: written explanation of my practice

Updated: Apr 21


The idea of a blog always felt very novel to me. Maybe I felt I didn't have anything of value or that I enjoyed enough to write about. Writing about my art works and in general is very necessary now though. Whether it's just to document the things I'm doing or to give further insight to myself, my art and practice as a whole.

In the past 4 years (which feels like 4 months and 14 years in one) of creating diligently have meant that my art is well and truly a part of me and my identity. Before I started drawing I was in my first year of university studying interior design / architecture. Whilst this course taught me a lot of technical skill, I always felt out of depth and couldn’t see how I would personally be able to practice it in the real world. Two years after graduating now I am only starting to see the ways I can apply this as well as my art and am now on a mission to do so.

The main theme of my artwork is to create the new and unique, to create what doesn't exist yet and push the boundaries of my mind and creativity. My work is classed as ‘abstract expressionism’ which was initially coined in the 1960s. It's the idea of creating abstract works from a place of expression of emotions. I am fascinated by what the mind can do when creating art and the mental process that goes into it.

These blog posts I hope will break down my practice as a whole, and help us both understand my work in more detail. I will be posting individual artworks that I complete and have completed talking about the process and inspiration behind them. Do feel free to email me any questions that come to mind that you may want to ask, just drop me an email and I'll write a post explaining. I’ll so FAQ post too.

Speak soon,

Holly x


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