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innovative Abstract artwork:

creating 'what doesn't exist yet'

Mindscapes; intuitive depictions of the mind on canvas.

H Mingo's unique art explores the possibility, connection and depth of the mind and nature with an unplanned meditative process, evoking introspective emotion and authentic energy through abstraction and expressionism.

Artworks and commissions available.

Hand drawn light reactive mural for Bristol's Wake The Tiger 'OUTERverse' development

A freestyle piece created with acrylic and acrylic markers (2m x 3m approx) 

Wake The Tiger invited H Mingo to create a feature art piece in their new phase two development. With the theme of the mind, experience, and exploration: Mingo's piece exhibits another subsection of the mind in situ.


Hand drawn artwork design for Bellisa X clothing.

Featured in Elle Magazine and at New York Fashion Week 2024 

H Mingo and Bellisa X teamed up to create this bold clothing line featuring original hand drawn designs created to music. These designs were seen at New York Fashion Week 2024 and appeared in Elle magazine. This collaboration was centred around freedom of expression with this design being available in a 'design your own' format.